The Ultimate Camp Packing List

Packing for camp can feel like a daunting task, and most times you end up with an over-stuffed suitcase full of things you don’t need. So forget your iPod and your signed poster from your favourite band at home, and welcome only the essentials into your big ‘ole duffel bag this summer!

1) 8 t-shirts – A staple item for young campers, old campers, and in between!

2) 4 pairs of long pants – For those chilly nights and rainy days.

3) 14 pairs of underwear – Because everyone wears underwear. 

4) 1 pair of pyjamas – For your nighttime attire.

5) 3 sweaters – To wear by the camp fire and to cuddle up to a good song with!

6) 4 pairs of shorts – Athletic shorts, jean shorts, board shorts, bedazzled shorts – camp wants to see your personality shine!

7) 14 pairs of socks – Because half your socks will end up soaking wet or splattered in mud. Trust us, it’s better to have extra.

8) 1 jacket or raincoat – To keep you nice and warm (and dry).

9) 2-4 bathing suits All depending on how often you go in the water (no one likes to put a wet bathing suit back on)… yuck.

10) 1 wide brimmed hat – To protect you from the sun, of course!

11) 1 pair of rain boots – For splashing in puddles, what else?

12) 1 pair of running shoes or closed-toe shoes – Most camp activities require closed-toe shoes to protect your little piggies from harm!

13) A toothbrush – Make your parents proud and brush your teeth at camp!

14) Toothpaste – Because a toothbrush needs toothpaste. #soulmates

15) Soap – For scrubbing away dirt and grime.

16) Shampoo/conditioner – To wash away the campfire smell from your hair (jumping in the lake works too).

17) 1 hair brush – To untangle those tough knots.

18) Hygiene products – Anything you might need in the bathroom that we haven’t listed.

19) Sunscreen SPF-30 – Probably the most important item on this list. You’ll be out in the sun for quite a while, so don’t forget to reapply and grab a friend to reach those tough places!

20) Sleeping bag – Because sleeping on the hard ground or on a mattress without a sleeping bag isn’t fun.

21) Pillow – So you can have a soft spot for your noggin to lie after a long day.

22) Flashlight – To prevent tripping over roots or running into wildlife on your escapade to the bathroom late at night.

23) Water bottle – Stay hydrated!!! Keep your trusty water bottle by your side and sip that H2O all day long!

24) Sunglasses – They can help deflect UV rays from your face and protect your skin from burning, but you should always wear sunscreen and a hat with sunglasses too!

25) 2 towels – Wrap yourself up in after a dip in the frigid lake! Towels dry off quickly in the sun, so you’ll only need 2.

26) Face cloths – These are optional, but are recommended if you wash your face every day.

27) Laundry bag – Only if your camp offers laundry services.

28) 1 pair of sandals/flip flops – For prancing around the camp grounds, or for the (sometimes dirty) camp showers.

29) Bug repellent – The mosquitoes will swarm you out in the wild if you don’t have your trusty bug spray by your side!

30) A good attitude! – A smile on your face and a thirst for adventure will go a long way!

Genie-Packing-SuitcaseThrow that all together and you’ve got a perfectly-sized suitcase full of all your camping needs! And while you’re at camp, don’t forget to Slip on a shirt, Slop on some sunscreen, and Slap on a hat so you come home as good as new, and not looking like a lobster!

Happy summer everyone!