How to Get the Camp Experience Without Going to Camp

Summer camp is one of the most exciting, adventure-filled places to spend your time off from school! Some of your fondest memories and friendships might come from summer camp, but who said you can’t experience camp in the city? We’ll give you 5 tips to make your summer as unforgettable and camp-y as possible!

1) Water Activities

Camp is all about playing in the water and getting the best use out of the cool, crisp Canadian lakes! Camps can offer anything from kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, swimming, and of course the most traditional of them all – canoeing. Now it may not be the easiest thing to strap a huge canoe onto your car and drive to the nearest lake, but many recreational centres and athletic clubs within your city may offer water sports. For a small fee you can paddle the day away and get to experience the outdoors in a new way (don’t forget your sunscreen though)! If water transportation isn’t your thing, then be sure to hit up your local public pool for a splashing good time.

2) Arts and Crafts

A huge part of any camp’s rainy day activities includes spending time in the Arts & Crafts Centre creating the most colourful and wacky items you’ve ever seen. Some of the most popular crafts you’ll see being made on beat-up, paint-splattered tables are the classic collages and the beloved rope bracelets. Click here for 15 different types of friendship bracelets you can make. Collages are also a camper favourite, probably because of all the sticky, gooey Modge Podge involved! All you have to do is collect a bunch of your favourite magazines or personal pictures, grab a piece of construction paper, and paste away! Check out Pinterest for some inspiration here!

3) Cheers

Get your inner cheerleader on! Cheers are a BIG part of camp, and they’re all about showing off your pride for just about anything. No outdoorsy camp retreat is necessary to get your cheer on though; Get together with a group of your friends and pick a topic you’re all really passionate about. Make up some lyrics, add a tune, and you’re good to go. If you’re feeling ambitious, throw in a few dance moves too.

4) Music

Whether you play an instrument, can sing a song, or even just know how to listen to the radio, you’re ready to fully immerse yourself in the camp experience. Jam sessions are frequent and popular at camp, and you won’t be surprised to hear a tune wherever you stroll. Take up the challenge of teaching yourself a new instrument, or perfect your pop star voice, or even create a playlist for you and all your friends to relax to on a hot summer’s day by the beach. Remember to wear a hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from those harmful rays!


Being a good camper is all about you’re attitude, and the only way you can really experience camp in the city is if you’re open to new ideas. So hop into that canoe, sing your way to the pool down the block from your house, make a few bracelets, cheer the night away, and make 2016 your BEST SUMMER EVER!