Don’t Change Your Skin Tone: Change Your Wardrobe!

Don’t Change Your Skin Tone: Change Your Wardrobe!

Don’t head to a tanning bed or to the beach to amp up your glow – instead, take a look at your wardrobe.

Are you wearing colours that wash you out? Does that favourite yellow shirt of yours make you look…well…yellow? Colour has a huge influence on the appearance of your skin tone. Some colours can really enhance your true tones, while others can work against you, muddling your glow and washing you right out to pale. There are small changes that you can make in your wardrobe to incorporate complementary colours and achieve the blushing, golden look you’re chasing.

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Pop Those Colours

We know, we know! Covering up and blocking some rays may not seem like a party but imagine the after-party. Think long-term health by opting to stay out of the sun and wearing the most flattering colours to make your tone really pop and give your look a natural and fresh edge. We promise: no painful sunburn and it will make you a full-on scorcher!

To find out what colours look best on you, ask yourself the following question: Are you warm or cold? Relax! This has nothing to do with your personality and everything to do with what your mamma gave you! An easy way to know if you have warm or cold skin tone is to consider your metal: Does silver or gold look better against your skin?

IF GOLD LOOKS BEST: Your skin tone is warm. Warm tones have rose and apricot undertones (especially evident in redheads or brunettes with complexions that are pale to lighter, such as porcelain)

  • TRY ON: earth tones such as browns, peaches, purples, greens, turquoise or anything with a bluish undertone
  • STEER CLEAR OF: Red or hot pink

IF SILVER LOOKS BEST: Your skin tone is cool. Cool tones tend to have hints of a yellow undertone (most complexions are cool, including dark or tanned skin).

  • TRY ON: pinks, purples, blues, reds and magentas
  • STEER CLEAR OF: Yellow or beige

BONUS: There are colours that go well with both skin tones. Jewel tones – named after the natural minerals and earth stones they were inspired by ­– are of the smoky, dark family of saturated colours that really stand out and turn you into one heckuva babe. So yes, that’s right…we encourage you to literally dress like the gem you are!

  • TRY ON: bright red, pale pink, eggplant, onyx black and teal

What if you have a favourite colour that works against your natural tone? Find another way to surround yourself with it by choosing accessories or room décor in varying shades. Remember: boosting your glow with a tan can have damaging effects long past prom or that special night out.

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Accessorize Your Eyes

Throw on some shades before you head out. Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays – has safety ever looked this ? A hat is not only a smart move to protect the delicate skin on your face – the most sensitive part of your skin and subject to burns and wrinkles – but it also looks great. Wear one of those wide-brimmed floppy numbers when wiggling your toes in the sand or lying on the grass in the park. Rock a five-panel or ball cap on those days you’ll be walking long distances or playing outdoors. For extra heat, make your hat one of the colours that complements your skin tone and, boom! It will instantly brighten your face.

Act Natural

Make-up can also be a way to enhance your tone. Bronzers, mineral powders and blushes are a great and safe way to boost tone, shine and colour. Some great and safe products available at your nearest drug store are Physicians Formula bronzers or tinted moisturizers. Look for added SPF! Choosing the right make up on your eyes, lips and cheeks is a great way to compliment your natural tone as well. Take this great quiz to find your complexion type.

This Works For You, Too, Fellas!

Pay attention to what you wear: shirts sit close to your face and neck, and the frame they create can instantly drain you. If you’re feeling a little pale, stay away from black, grey or flesh tones as these shades will wash you right out with the tide. Try neons or deep, saturated primary colours (way more fun anyways!), which will give you an instant boost and slightly distract the eye. Button downs in an indigo denim, kelly green or sky blue work really well on most tones – the collar will create a fresh frame for your face. Showing a lot of skin in a tank? Use the bright colour or pattern trick on a vibrant five-panel or bucket hat, or find some crazy patterned street shorts to add that extra pop.


Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

Getting a tan might seem like an easy and fun fix, but any dermatologist will tell you that staying out of the sun makes for truly healthy skin. According to the experts at Compass Dermatology in Toronto, melanoma is the most common skin cancer for young people ages 15 to 29. Yikes! Though your late 20s may seem a ways away, prevention has to happen yesterday. Remember, feeling happy and confident in your natural beauty will give you a radiance that no sun can match!